Monday, July 21, 2014

Fraser Island Camping

Thought I'd share with you some of my pics from our annual camping trip to the beautiful Fraser Island. Had the best weather in five years, saw heaps of whales, fought off dingoes in our camp and caught heaps of fish. 
See what you think.

Our campsite.

Dingos lurk on the beach all times of the day. 

They like to follow fishermen in hope of a free feed.

Out fishing.

We saw many humpback whales in so close.
Playing on their annual migration north.

Fishing late afternoon.

Another beautiful sunrise.

Cleaning fish.

The beach.

A mist drifted across the water. Amazing.

The Maheno. She has been here since 1935, and every year deteriorates a little more.

Beautiful trees found in the centre of the island in the rainforest.

I am so lucky to have such an amazing place right on my doorstep.

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