About Me

I live on a small property in Queensland, Australia. I work in a local primary school as a School Officer / Librarian / Community Development Officer. Born in Childers, I grew up on a cane farm. I have been married for twenty-seven years and have three children, two girls and a boy. I have travelled extensively throughout the world, visiting the US, UK, Canada, Europe, China, Japan, Thailand, Bali, New Zealand and of course, Australia. 

My other passion is music. I play bass guitar in a country rock band with my husband and two other guys, and am also a member of a symphony orchestra. With around fifty members, the orchestra is voluntary and visits retirement villages and small towns.

I love camping, fishing, movies, reading and gardening.

Slave Trader – In the Name of Freedom is my first novel. 

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  1. Good luck with this Carol, enjoyed reading your sample chapter. If this is a sample of the what is to come, cannot wait. I love crime and new writers; one myself.